CFO believes that reliable and trustworthy back office services allows portals to focus on providing issuing companies access to largest possible pool of qualified investors.  A portal's core competency is being innovative in reaching out quickly to qualified investors and assisting issuing companies with preparing accurate materials for investors to assess the prospects of the business.

By being a back office partner for the portal, portals can deliver fund raising efficiency and scale to large number of issuing companies potentially concurrently in multiple markets.

Investor Services
of all activities that are associated with maintaining an investor folio for a crowdfund company. This includes generated required on-going communication (electronic and paper-based) with the investors on behalf of the crowdfund company and updating contact information on investor request. Where required, CFO may also arrange to process share certificates. CFO may also review and approve the documentation for sale of shares, where permitted on behalf of the crowd fund company. CFO also assists portal companies with verifying annual investment limits of investors for crowdfunding through own and proprietary databases. 
Accounting services
scope could be restricted to maintaining the books during the fund raising period or expanded to an annual end-to-end comprehensive engagement. Key aspect of our accounting service is that our professionals will collect all your records remotely and provide company CEO or key owner all the required updates and annual financial statements as requested.
Compliance services
include compiling required reports, forms and other documentation required by the various regional and national regulators from time to time.